renewable, sustainable Watertree pods

The Watertree pod is made from 75% wood fibre sourced from responsibly-managed forests certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

Watertree pod materials are sourced from renewable tree farms that soak up carbon dioxide from the air.

Renewable packaging resources are NATURAL materials that GROW back causing MINIMAL harm to the environment.

Our bio-caps are derived from sugarcane, a much lower carbon impact than conventional caps made from fossil-fuel derived plastics.

pure clean water

Type of water: reverse osmosis
Cap: bio cap (derived from sugarcane)
Packaging: FSC renewable, recyclable paper carton
Pack size: 12 per carton
Certification: Halal, Mesti, FSC, Healthier Choice, HACCP

Item code: WP500


Type of water: reverse osmosis
Cap: bio cap (bio-cap derived from sugarcane)
Packaging: FSC renewable, recyclable paper carton
Pack size: 12 per carton
Certification: Halal, Mesti, FSC, Healthier Choice, HACCP

Item code: WP330


co-brand with us

customised for corporates

Most businesses are already doing their best to help make our world a better place:  banning plastic water bottles in the workplace, and encouraging their staff to get involved in community projects that enrich the lives of other Malaysians.

Paper-based, Planet-Safe WaterTree pods are a great alternative to single-use plastic.
With your logo prominently and proudly displayed on our distinctive and striking waterpods, your brand will be associated with environmental integrity and involvement,  WaterTree pods are distributed nationally through major retail and boutique outlets as a premium and prestige item – reaching your ideal audience.

Not ready to brand to the world yet?  WaterTree can supply all your drinking water needs within your organisation; it’s a message that your employees will appreciate, My company did the right thing!

The WaterTree Project also funds and organises beach clean-up programs and neighbourhood activities to improve the environment. These events receive considerable media and social attention.  Sponsor a Watertree park or river clean-up. Being associated with these high-profile activities will attract the goodwill of the public for simply doing the right thing environmentally.

reaching Generation Z

The businesses that thrive in our competitive world are getting the message across in a very visible, audible and viral way, about their achievements.  They are reaching a certain demographic that may have previously been unattainable - Generation Z. This group (born 1997 onwards) is far more conscious of the toxic effects of plastic pollution than previous generations.  They don’t want catchy slogans and jingles, they want real positive action for the environment, and they will direct their purchasing power to those organisations that share their convictions.

They have put us all on notice to:
-    refuse  single-use plastic; and
-   where possible, use a sustainably-sourced paper-based product for packaging.  

WaterTree pods, being sustainably-sourced and paper-based, are a great way to get your name out to this demographic.

safety standards

Manufactured in an
ISO 22000:2005 (International Standards Organisation)
Haccp (Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Points) certified facility.

The International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO 22000, is a global certification of the quality, safety and reliability of a product. It is your assurance of excellence. ISO 22000 also defines the traceability of our product– we audit and track the safety standards through all the stages from the processing plant to the product that ends up in your Watertree pod..