how you can help

Most of us feel the suffering of others.  Whether it be a companion animal, or a loved one, in an accident we would rush to give help and comfort.  So imagine a dolphin suffocating on a plastic bag out in the ocean, terrified and in agony.  With no one to help.  

Why should I care about an animal choking on plastic in an ocean halfway around the world?    Even if you see little connection between that poor dolphin and you, all our actions are connected and lead back to us.  Even if you cannot empathise with his suffering, you should be aware that the plastic he has ingested eventually ends up in our food chain:  did you know that there is plastic in almost every food source from the land and the seas? And that we ingest a little bit of plastic almost every time we have a meal?

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Single-use plastic is the main source of this contamination, and it affects almost everything in the cycle of life.  Plastic bottles, shopping bags, wrapping, cutlery, and all sorts of “convenience” items that we throw away after a single use, end up in the water and on the land, killing our fellow living beings by suffocating them horribly,

Unless we all do the right thing now. Can you truly say, I did the right thing?
Malaysia (alone) consumes 11 million single-use plastic bottles a month. Each month.  Every month.  We are only one of many countries on this planet.  And we are a relatively small consumer of these products.  But as we said before, all our actions eventually lead back to us, and they are connected – no matter how far apart we sometimes feel from each other.  

So here is how you can help and immediately: -      

Touch the hearts of those around you by showing how much suffering to wildlife single-use plastic causes.

Malaysians are hospitable and caring.  The average Malaysian would be horrified to learn how much misery and death single-use plastic waste causes as a result of not throwing it in the proper bin and recycling it.  Litter would be dramatically reduced in our beautiful country with increased awareness of this.  And the animals in the forest and the fish in the sea would not have to be needlessly and cruelly choked to death.