the Watertree Planet-Safe challenge

‘Think about it. Why would you make something that you’re going to use for a few minutes, out of a material that’s basically going to last forever, and then you’re just going to throw it away. What’s up with that?’

Why do we focus on single-use plastic? Plastic never bio-degrades. Every piece ever made lasts forever! It is suspected to cause cancer, infertility, and many other diseases and it poses a serious threat to our health and that of future generations. Petroleum based plastics pollute the air, water, and food that we need to survive.

But we can make a huge difference if we come together and act now. We do not need to rely on Single-Use Plastic.

The Watertree Planet-Safe Challenge is designed to slowly change people’s lifestyles to show that living without plastic is not hard. It just requires a bit of work and a change in mind-set.  

We believe that once you make the lifestyle choice and make the effort to start avoiding single-use plastic, you will realise just how much single-use plastic we use in our daily lives.  

Take the Watertree Planet-Safe Challenge by refusing single-use plastics knowing that you are acting as a positive role model and influence on others. We use the hash tag #IDIDTHERIGHTTHING to tie our community together.

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what is the Watertree Planet-Safe Challenge?

Challenge yourself to avoid using single- use plastics by completing the challenge below. Post your success on social media to spread the word! #IDIDTHERIGHTTHING

the details of the Challenge

Cut out of your life for 7 days one of the single-use plastics from the list below. Week 2 choose a second item. Week 3, a third item and so on.

  • Week 1: Bottles
  • Week 2: Takeaway containers
  • Week 3: Coffee / drink cups
  • Week 4: Plastic Bags at supermarket check-outs
  • Week 5: Cling Film
  • Week 6: Plastic Bags for vegetables and fruit shopping
  • Week 7: Plastic plates and cutlery
  • Week 8: Wet wipes / Disposable hankies
  • Week 9: Straws
  • Week 10: Freezer Bags / Zip Lock bags
  • Week 11: Cotton Buds
  • Week 12: Crisp / Sweet Packets / wrappers

how does it work?

Document your solution to living without single-use plastic and post it on social media using the tag #thewatertreeproject. Complete the challenge and share your success with us at The Watertree Project.

‍Simply stop using a single-use plastic each week as outlined above.

whom is the challenge for?

Everyone is encouraged to take the Challenge and to participate in our social media campaigns. Get your friends, family, teachers and neighbours to tag us.