Augmented Reality: helping make single-use plastic banners and physical screens redundant

Virtual Billboards are a fun and interactive way to engage conference attendees, visitors to your campus, or business delegates to your corporate HQ.  Not only are they a greener alternative to physical billboards and video screens, but AR (Augmented Reality) is fast to set-up, scalable and available in multiple languages.

In this era of Sustainable Smart Cities, immersive technologies such as AR offer informed and entertaining opportunities for local government and corporates to engage the community.  To this end, The Watertree Project has partnered with Northern Irish AR pioneer Yellow Design (creator of Titanic Center, Game of Thrones Experience Centre, Abu Dhabi National Day Experience and so much more) to develop AR-based initiatives for our customers in Malaysia.

We're excited by how AR could change the way your message is delivered. AR-powered stories and games downloaded to a smart phone will re-imagine the way residents and visitors experience their surroundings, helping create a sense of immersion and immediacy, and fostering an emotional connection with a particular city or kampung. A positive emotional investment in a place is a great driver of change for the better: we start to think twice about simply throwing that candy wrapper into the wind.

AR-powered interactive information services deliver information as and when it is needed, without the need for costly and wasteful plastic banners.  Working with our corporate partners, in 2023 The Watertree Project will offer a number of games and AR-based information installations, with the aim of rolling out Yellow Design’s ROVAR way-finding service across visitor-intensive parts of Kuala Lumpur.

ROVAR is an AR-powered Hub and Spoke service showcasing the creative, absorbing and ingenious installations created by Malaysian artists, designers and educators.

Offering Visitors a curated Concierge Service

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