a positive reputation

Consumers recognize that businesses play a crucial role in shaping our environmental future.
Whether you're organizing a corporate event, concert or marathon, adopting sustainable event management practices offers more than just environmental benefits. It also yields financial advantages by fostering a positive reputation for event organizers and stakeholders.

Events and concerts often incur significant environmental costs, such as plastic waste, disposable decorations, and high transportation emissions.
Choosing green products is straightforward, as they are easily identifiable as environmentally-friendly options, thus putting green solutions in everyone's hands.

The Watertree Project has supplied planet-safe water for green concerts such Coldplay, Billie Eilish, and Sting.

Green caterers and event organizers can actively work to minimize their environmental impact by
- Sustainable sourcing:  sourcing products from sustainable and ethical suppliers.
- serving locally sourced and seasonal food and drink
- offering refill stations
- reducing plastic waste (single-use plastic plates, cups and bottles)
- raising awareness that not all trash is equal. Providing recycling bins for glass, paper, and other materials.
- taking waste to recycle centres where possible

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Coldplay - green concert

Despite the relentless rain, the Coldplay concert proved to be an electrifying two-hour spectacle.
It marked the seven-time Grammy-winning British rock band, Coldplay's most highly attended event of there career, with an impressive 81,812 tickets sold at Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Jalil National Stadium, resulting in a gross revenue of USD $10,904,369.

The concert organizers thoughtfully provided separate bins for Watertree bottles, in line with Coldplay's dedication to hosting plastic-free, sustainable events. Despite the challenge of dealing with discarded plastic raincoats in the paper bin, our efforts resulted in the recovery of 51% of the discarded Watertree bottles.

Working alongside our recycling partner KPT, we weighed the completely emptied bottles to determine the total collected for recycling. For those bottles not found in the bins, we hope that they were responsibly reclaimed and refilled.

Coldplay forged a partnership with The Ocean Cleanup sponsoring Interceptor 005 and making significant strides in their mission to combat the world's most polluted rivers. The Interceptor 005 has been a resounding success in Malaysia.