PDRM FC and Frontliners

13 February 2021

Being on the frontline isn’t easy in the Malaysian heat and heavy downpours, and in the middle of a lockdown.  Police checkpoints were set up to prevent non-essential travel between States in the attempt to contain the spread of Covid, making border crossings difficult at best.

The Watertree Team arrived at Bukit Aman at 8am with 10,200 Watertree Planet-Safe 330ml waterpods to be distributed to the fontliners at the roadblocks. PDRM frontliners were delighted to receive our community-building Watertree water pods.

The credit for this initiative goes to YDH DCP Datuk Wira mat Kasim Karim, who teamed up with PDRM FC (Football Club), COO Insp. Mohd Shukri bin Ismail, in a heroic campaign to reduce plastic consumption in Malaysia.

Dato Wira and his dedicated team transported the water in the striking blue PDRM FC bus to roadblocks at Sungai Besi Toll, Ayer Keroh Toll, and other smaller roadblocks along the highway to Melaka.  

We thank the PDRM for their commitment to serve and protect Malaysia these dire times.

CSR project with Pulapol (police training academy)

10 March 2021

The Malaysian Police Training Centre, Pusat Latihan Polis is the oldest police academy in Malaysia and the training institute for the Royal Police.  

In collaboration with PDRM FC, Pulapol led by Commandant, SAC Shamsudin Bin Mat of Pulapol and The Watertree Project donated water to the children in the villages of Perak to alleviate water shortages experienced by the community during the pandemic.  

Shamsuddin, a green advocate, hopes to reduce plastic use within Pulapol in his in-depth discussion with The Watertree Project Chairman, Captain Ritzerwan bin Rashid and team on the environmental challenges of waste minimisation and maximising recycling in our beautiful country.