Who says there’s no such thing as an Ugly Malaysian? There’s one right now, throwing his SINGLE-USE plastic container onto the road!
Beautiful Malaysians – like us – reduce single-use plastic to keep Malaysia beautiful.

After all, what goes around comes around, so The Right Thing starts with YOU!  And Me.  

Who wants a glob of plastic with their meals?  Imagine chomping through your nasi lemak and into a bitter, rubbery....How did this piece of  *#%^@ get into my beef rendang?
Sadly it is in our food because an animal has ingested man-made synthetic material and died a slow and painful death or a fish has choked on a plastic bag.  Or disintegrating, microscopic plastic particles – which are now everywhere – have settled on your dinner.  

Soon, there will be more plastic bottles than animals in the forest and fish in the sea.  And we’re already fast running out of landfill....

help The Watertree Project close the Planet-Safe circle

Here is what YOU can do right now:
-     STOP buying single-use plastic;
-     Bring your own re-usable bag – if anyone says carrying one looks so ‘AUNTY’, give him a bag;
-     When getting takeaway get the restaurant to put the food into re-usable containers you have brought along;
-     Have a good-quality water bottle that you can use over and over again.  If you forget, buy your water in paper-based containers. Look out for our

Planet-Safe, Renewable Watertree Pods;

-     And dispose of your waste by taking it to the appropriate recycling facility.
Now you can say, I DID THE RIGHT THING!
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